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Qianhai business mansion was the first to start the construction of the park in Qianhai District of Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation Shenzhen grade a business park, innovation, efficiency, green, wisdom in one, a total area of about 110 thousand square meters, total construction area of about 60 thousand square meters. The whole project is divided into the hall and business mansion, contains a base of about 10000 square meters, 36 buildings at 200-1600 hall, ranging from square meters business mansion, a city of about 3500 square meters of the business center, about 4000 square meters of commercial facilities and underground parking of about 6000 square meters.

The project and the city share the same length, and the enterprise and the city depend on each other. Qianhai business mansion is Qianhai first project, but also a symbol of the city is an important step towards modern service industry gathering area, is another Juxian Vanke in Shenzhen. City focuses on the macro significance longto mansion project, starting from the "dream" to convey the project to start enterprises in Qianhai dream, superposition of future unlimited imagination, unique brand value innovation spirit sublimation of Shenzhen. On the basis of this, we have finished the project from a more macro and macro perspective, whether it is strategy positioning, project VI system, fence or investment brochure.

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